cover image Is This Normal?

Is This Normal?

, , illus. by Norm Bendell . American Girl, $8.95 (110pp) ISBN 978-1-59369-483-8

From dating to dieting to cheating, these books provide help for adolescents seeking guidance.

Is This Normal? Edited by Erin Falligant and Michelle Watkins , illus. by Norm Bendell American Girl , $8.95 paper (112p) ISBN 978-1-59369-483-8

The editors of The Care & Keeping of You respond to girls' letters with topics ranging from hair care to bodily changes to embarrassing situations. The lighthearted tone (the letters are accompanied by illustrations of cartoon girls) treats common dilemmas with rationality and ease: “Remind yourself... that pads and periods are a normal part of life,” reads one response to a mortified girl's letter. While girls with more complex emotional, psychological or health problems may not find the answers they need (concerning eating disorders, the editors recommend getting help from a parent or professional), the assurance of being “normal” should put many worried minds to rest. Ages 8–up. (Mar.)