cover image Throne of Ice

Throne of Ice

Alain Paris, Val, Saverio Tenuta, and Notaro. Humanoids, $29.95 (212p) ISBN 978-1-59465-111-3

Set 12,000 years ago, in a lush and green Antarctica, this story finds young Jaemon caught between royal armies, mystic schemers, and rural clans. As the illegitimate son of the murdered King Abarugon, Jaemon is pursued both by those who seek his elevation to the throne and his untimely death. But Jaemon’s destiny extends beyond such petty power struggles—it is entwined with the past and future of the continent itself. This French graphic novel epic by veteran writers Paris and Tenuta, veteran artist Notaro, and newcomer artist Val, is visually impressive, but the story is convoluted, with Jaemon’s struggles often feeling hollow and his motivations muddled. The sweeping story aims for the Game of Thrones crowd—magic, clan warfare, royal assassination, and climate change are all tackled—and serious fantasy fans will get the most out of it. Agent: Alex Donoghue (Apr.)