cover image Please Don’t Give Me a Hug!

Please Don’t Give Me a Hug!

Judi Moreillon, illus. by Estelle Corke. Star Bright, $6.99 (16p) ISBN 978-1-59572-917-0

This spare board book by librarian Moreillon offers young nonhuggers a range of suggested replacements for the act, including “a wink, a wave// or a big wide smile,” sign language, or “a sweet air kiss.” Through different interactions with adults, Moreillon follows three children—a child with dark hair and tan skin, a blond kid in an orange hoodie, and a Black child with shoulder-length curls—employing the refrain “You can give me... But, please, don’t give me a bear hug!” to establish the significance of consent. Corke contributes inclusive illustrations, portraying characters of a variety of skin colors, hair textures, ages, and abilities in soft washes of watercolor. If the appropriateness of some of the proffered alternatives (e.g., “a coochie-coo”) depends upon the relationship and the individual child’s comfort level, the volume’s message may help youngest readers voice alternatives to unwanted physical contact. Ages 2–4. [em](Apr.) [/em]