cover image Rex Mundi, Book Six: Gate of God

Rex Mundi, Book Six: Gate of God

Arvid Nelson, . . Dark Horse, $17 (248pp) ISBN 978-1-59582-403-5

Gate of God brings the six-volume Rex Mundi saga to an ambiguous close. The series, which follows Dr. Julien Saunière's quest to find the Holy Grail, is set in 1930s Europe, but a still-feudal Europe where the Protestant Reformation was crushed by the Catholic Church. The final installment invokes the magical plot elements, Christian legends, and dramatic plot twists that have attracted fans since the series debuted in 2003. In addition to Saunière, Genevieve Tournon, the duke of Lorraine, and Lady Isabelle play a critical role in the action. Saunière, along with the readers, finds the answers to mysteries that have been building over the years, although the ending leaves some questions unaddressed. A summary at the beginning of the book will help get newcomers up to speed, but the story will have the most resonance with those who are caught up already. Ferreyra's artwork manages to look ethereal and realistic in the same moment, an appropriate complement to the tale. The volume concludes with a gallery of Rex Mundi–inspired images by Dark Horse artists, including Joseph Michael Linsner, Mike Mignola, and John Cassaday. (Feb.)