cover image Tales of the Primal Land

Tales of the Primal Land

Brian Lumley. Subterranean (, $40 (608p) ISBN 978-1-59606-689-2

Inspired by the pulp fantasies of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith, Lumley’s (Necroscope) tales of the land of Theem’hdra—originally collected in three volumes in 1991—come together to form a rousing sword and sorcery epic set on “the Primal Continent at Earth’s Dawn.” The 10 stories in “The House of Cthulhu” are dominated by the immortal wizard Mylakhrion and feature a variety of arrogant warriors undone by vengeful ghosts and eldritch horrors. “Tarra Khash: Hrossak” is an episodic novel whose titular barbarian brawler bests scorpion gods, Lovecraftian monsters, and other supernatural challengers. In “Sorcery in Shad,” Tarra Khash is a pawn in intrigues involving the slaver Cush Gemal, the sorcerer Teh Atht, and the lamia Orbiquita. Although Lumley’s characters occasionally speak to one another in anachronistically modern dialogue, they have a swagger and appeal that adds to the liveliness of their repartee. Fans of heroic fantasy fiction will enjoy the brawn and bustle of these adventures. Agent: Barbara Lumley. (May)