cover image The Moon Moth

The Moon Moth

Jack Vance and Humayoun Ibraham. Roaring Brook/First Second, $17.99 trade paper (128p) ISBN 978-1-59643-367-0

Barely out of school, Edwer Thissel is appointed consular representative to the world Sirene, which Edwer soon learns enforces its social norms—including the universal habit of wearing masks—with lethal ferocity. Three months after arriving on Sirene, Edwer is informed that the deadly assassin Haxo Angmark is en route to Sirene; ordered to detain the criminal, the naïve Edwer faces the task of finding a killer in a society where every person’s face is concealed. Honored as one of science fiction’s Grand Masters, Vance demonstrates his rich vocabulary and skill at depicting unfamiliar cultures in this classic SF story from the 1960s. Unfortunately, Ibrahim’s effort to translate Vance’s prose into realized illustrations falls short; the art is often crude and displeasing to the eye, the antithesis of Vance’s precise voice. Vance’s contribution is enough to carry Ibrahim; readers intrigued by this volume may be assured even better works by Vance await them. (May)