cover image The Unsinkable Walker Bean

The Unsinkable Walker Bean

Aaron Renier, First Second, $13.99 paper (200p) ISBN 978-1-59643-453-0

This rip-roaring tale of swashbuckling adventure from the Eisner Award–winning Renier offers up a story line and art of equally intriguing depth. It is colonial times, and Walker Bean must help his grandfather, who’s been cursed by a pair of witchy undersea lobster-women named Tartessa and Remora, by returning a magical skull to the mysterious Mango Islands. Stowing away on a ship, Walker teams up with a dog named Perrogi (obviously drawn with the affection of a dog lover), a boy named Shiv, and a tough-talking girl named Genoa. Renier’s dynamic drawings are rich in detail; readers will get lost in the winding streets of colonial towns, island hideaways, natural history collections, exuberant panoramas of action. Renier lets his imagination lead the way, throwing maps and illustrated clues throughout this seafaring world, and setting up all manner of surprises and danger for Walker. A pleasure from beginning to end. Ages 9–14. (Sept.)