cover image And Blue Skies from Pain

And Blue Skies from Pain

Stina Leicht. Night Shade (, $14.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-1-59780-347-2

This deft sequel to Of Blood and Honey, set in 1977 Ireland, follows half-fey Liam Kelly in his continuing struggles. He longs to convince the Church that fairies are not devils, and to learn about his long-lost father and his people. He’s also trying to come to terms with his metaphorical demons, including his guilt over his wife’s death and the damage he did as a member of the Irish Republican Army, his addiction to heroin, and the shame of being raped in prison. Liam’s allies, from old friends Father Murray and Frankie to chance-met fae-punks, are believable and sympathetic. The action sequences are so fast-paced and his hauntings are so vivid that readers will scarcely notice that most of the book takes place in Liam’s head. Though the magical side of things once again goes largely unexplained, tantalizing glimpses into the fae world and Liam’s growing self-acceptance hint that later installments may step further into the Twilight. Agent: Joe Monti, Barry Goldblatt Literary. (Mar.)