cover image Prehistoric Predators

Prehistoric Predators

Brian Switek, illus. by Julius Csotonyi. Cider Mill/Applesauce, $19.95 (104p) ISBN 978-1-60433-552-1

Science writer Switek guides readers swiftly through hundreds of millions of years of prehuman history, introducing dozens of extinct creatures that range from the protomammals of the Permian period to the flightless “terror birds” of the Cenozoic. Familiar dinosaurs like tyrannosaurus, triceratops, and dimetrodon make appearances, but most—such as the Jurassic’s guanlong, “a tyrant dinosaur with long arms, a shallow snout... and a coat of dinofuzz on its body”—will be new to many readers. Sidebars give a snapshot of the animals’ key statistics, but all eyes will be on “paleoartist” Csotonyi’s photorealistic landscapes, which set these already dramatic prehistoric confrontations against storm-swept skies, vast deserts, and turbulent seas. Ages 6–up. (May)