cover image Floating Staircase

Floating Staircase

Ronald Malfi. Medallion, $14.95 trade paper (454p) ISBN 978-1-60542-436-1

Malfi (The Ascent) gives a few deft twists to the traditional haunted house theme with eerie, unpredictable, and exciting results. Horror writer Travis Glasgow and his wife, Jodie, have just moved into a house in Westlake, Md., when they discover that Elijah Dentman, the previous tenant's young son, died in a diving accident in the lake behind the house. Travis is still haunted by the similar death of his younger brother when he was a child, and he concludes that details of Elijah's demise have been covered up. Spurred by his sense of a ghostly presence in the house, Travis goes looking for the truth%E2%80%94and finds that it is uncannily different from what he expected. Malfi's lyrical prose and sensitive approach only heighten his tale's emotional impact, and the final turn of events is both surprising and expertly set up. (Oct.)