cover image Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire

Dina von Lowenkraft. Twilight Times (Ingram, dist.), $21.95 (340p) ISBN 978-1-60619-291-7

In Lowenkraft’s science fantasy novel, the Draak, alien shape-shifting dragons inhabit the Earth unbeknownst to humans, whom they regard as cattle to be exploited. Though nearly driven to extinction by war, the Draak are still consumed with old vendettas; when evidence surfaces that supposed war criminal Paaliaq is still alive, young half-siblings Rakan and Dvara are sent to northern Norway to track down Paaliaq, no matter the cost. There idealist Rakan encounters teen human Anna, whose connection to the mission emerges only after the two have fallen in love. This revelation forces Rakan to choose between duty to his family—which demands the death of Anna’s friend June—and duty to what he knows is right. Lowenkraft seasons her tale with a critique of the abusive relationships seen in popular works like the Twilight series. Unfortunately, good intentions and inventive strokes of worldbuilding can’t disguise the familiarity of the basic story elements. (Dec.)