cover image Passenger 19: A Jammer Davis Thriller

Passenger 19: A Jammer Davis Thriller

Ward Larsen. Oceanview (Midpoint, dist.), $26.95 (336p) ISBN 978-1-60809-167-6

The stakes are personal for Jammer Davis in Larsen’s exciting third thriller featuring the airplane crash investigator (after 2011’s Fly by Night). Larry Green, head of the National Transportation Safety Board’s Office of Aviation Safety, calls on Davis when an ARJ-35 passenger plane goes down in southern Colombia. Three crew members and 21 passengers were aboard, including Davis’s 19-year-old daughter, Jennifer. Davis flies the same day to Bogotá. At the jungle crash site, two are missing among the dead—Jennifer and another young woman, Kristin Stewart, who happens to resemble Jennifer. Other anomalies, such as bullet wounds in the back of the pilot’s and copilot’s heads, suggest a hijacking. When both Colombian and U.S. officials prove uncooperative, a frustrated Davis takes matters into his own hands. Aided by a drone and some hastily recruited allies, Davis goes on the offensive in some nice action scenes that are followed by some satisfying payback. Agent: Susan Gleason, Susan Gleason Literary Agency. (Jan.)