cover image Mickey Mouse: 300 Mickeys

Mickey Mouse: 300 Mickeys

Stefan Petrucha, César Ferioli Pelaez, et al, Boom! (, $9.99 trade paper (128p) ISBN 978-1-60886-627-4

Although known mostly as a mascot here in the U.S., abroad Mickey Mouse has been a popular comic, especially in Italy. This volume reprints one of his more intriguing adventures. Mickey, unable to go on a date with Minnie and hang out with Goofy at the same time, is desperate to find a solution. This solution comes from Eega Beeva, a lesser-known Disney character who is a man from the future. Mickey uses Eega Beeva's clone ray to make two of himself, but problems inevitably arise, especially when the clones start multiplying on their own. Before long they've stolen the clone ray to make even more of themselves and soon they have taken over an island. Mickey needs to do something about them, but it's all the more complicated now that they have consciousness and personalities of their own. This leads to a fast-paced story, using the idea of cloning as a good gimmick. The art, by Pelaez, is Disney standard—clean and easy to follow. Backups by masters Floyd Gottfredson and Giorgio Cavazzano show Mickey with more flair and imagination. Ages 6–9. (Mar.)