cover image The Last Contract

The Last Contract

Ed Brisson and Lisandro Estherren. Boom Studios, $14.99 trade paper (112p) ISBN 978-1-60886-962-6

A nameless retired hit man is suddenly ambushed and learns that someone is on a mission to kill him, blackmailing old friends and rivals into taking him down. With the son of one of his victims riding shotgun, he takes off across the country to find answers. This is familiar hard-boiled-noir territory, with tough old guys and gals trading bullets across blasted American wastelands to endless “budda budda” sound effects. Writer Brisson knows this world well, having scripted such series as The Violent, Murder Book, and Marvel’s Old Man Logan. Artist Estherren excels at inking men with long, lined faces in seedy diners and cheap motel rooms, and the saturated color gives the art the right dime-novel feel. This slim graphic novel is textbook Brisson, breezy and bloody and built from familiar pulp-fiction parts. There are no big surprises here, just updated tweaks on an old formula. (June)