cover image Goodnight Love: A Bedtime Meditation Story

Goodnight Love: A Bedtime Meditation Story

Sumi Loundon Kim, illus. by Laura Watkins. Bala Kids, $17.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-61180-944-2

A sloth sends love out into the world during a bedtime routine anchored by this moving guided metta meditation. Beginning with two deep belly breaths and a visualization of warm light radiating out from their hearts, a big and little sloth move through a series of three contemplative phrases (“May I be healthy./ May I be safe and protected./ May I be happy and peaceful”), variations on which they apply to self, family, friends, forests, mountains, oceans, the universe, and the world before snuggling down. Soft-edged illustrations from Watkins soothe with starry purple skies, luminous rainforest views, and scenes of the natural world crowded with friendly smiling faces. Throughout, Loundon Kim’s light-handed prompts encourage interactivity (“How were you kind today?”), reinforcing the teachable aspects of this contemplative bedtime routine. Ages 2–5. (Feb.)