cover image Sashi Adopts a Brother

Sashi Adopts a Brother

Linda Greiner, illus. by Morgan Spicer. Brown Books Kids (, $14.95 (40p) ISBN 978-1-61254-856-2

In Sashi the Shetland sheepdog’s first outing, Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie (2015), she was adopted by a loving family who understood that “she was born to herd everyone and everything into neat little groups.” Now, the family has decided to take in foster dogs, but Sashi is anxious about being usurped: “Sashi made sure the ‘foster dogs’ knew she was the ruling princess of her home.” The parade of new dogs includes snow-loving Charlie and Sammie, whose fondness for chasing laser lights strikes Sashi as “a little strange.” Along the way, Greiner touches on reasons dogs are often given up for adoption (barking, allergies, misbehavior). Sashi’s apprehensions disappear when Buddy arrives—his rambunctious energy helps Sashi cut loose, and even though Buddy is a handful, it soon becomes clear that Buddy’s “forever home” is right there with Sashi and her family. Spicer’s digital illustrations give a certain cinematic heft to the story, while dashes of understated humor in Greiner’s straightforward storytelling should resonate with readers who are used to dogs having the run of the house. Ages 4–8. (BookLife)