cover image Cowboy Angels

Cowboy Angels

Paul McAuley, Pyr, $16 trade paper (364p) ISBN 978-1-61614-251-3

In this gripping tale, which calls to mind both the Stargate TV series and any number of spy thrillers, scientists have discovered a way to travel between alternate universes. The United States in the universe that calls itself the Real wants to bring other versions of itself into a Pan-American Alliance, in effect a series of American client states. Adam Stone, a retired agent specializing in covert missions through the gate, is called back to the field when his ex-partner, Tom Waverly, apparently goes rogue and begins killing different versions of Eileen Barrie, a noted mathematician, in a series of alternate universes. While tracking down Waverly, Stone discovers a byzantine plot to subvert governments across the multiverse. McAuley (The Quiet War) provides nonstop action, a believably damaged hero, and a complex set of mysteries that will keep the reader breathlessly turning pages. (Jan.)