cover image Ghost: In the Smoke and Din

Ghost: In the Smoke and Din

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto. Dark Horse, $14.99 trade paper (136p) ISBN 978-1-616551-21-6

In this reboot of a ’90s series, supernatural investigators and reality television stars Vaughn and Tommy go to a cemetery one night to summon up an alluring woman in a cryptic white outfit, whom they believe is a legendary ghost. The woman—codenamed Ghost—actually an amnesiac who needs help finding out how she ended up in her current predicament. As luck would have it, the secret of her past coincides with that of Vaughn, and the investigation brings the two on a collision course with supernatural secrets sewn into the tapestry of Chicago history. Everything comes together in a competent, professional manner, but excitement is lacking. As a central character, Ghost is aptly named, because she’s completely lifeless, and once her secret is revealed, it’s so limiting that she actually ends up being less interesting than before. Vaughn, a washed-up, divorced, alcoholic ex-journalist trying to get his life together, owns half the story, but it doesn’t add much. Artist Noto draws with a lovely art deco–inspired look, but the pseudo-realistic style doesn’t enliven the proceedings much. (Aug.)