cover image Kitty’s Mix Tape

Kitty’s Mix Tape

Carrie Vaughn. Tachyon, $16.95 trade paper (288p) ISBN 978-1-61696-325-5

Vaughn offers readers one last trip into the world of Kitty Norville, the werewolf talk radio host last seen in 2015’s Kitty Saves the World, in this nostalgic collection of 15 urban fantasy shorts, which splits focus between the delightful Kitty and other fan favorite characters who’ve been caught up in her adventures over the years. Vaughn offers star turns to Kitty’s lawyer husband Ben (“What Happened to Ben in Vegas”), ancient vampire Rick (“It’s Still the Same Old Story”), and bounty hunter Cormac (“Kitty and Cormac’s Excellent Adventure”). Kitty’s own jaunts—which see her attending her high school reunion (“Kitty Walks on by, Calls Your Name”), dealing with bureaucracy (“Kitty Busts the Feds”) and investigating a werewolf boxer (“Kitty Learns the Ropes”)—are suffused with humor and pop culture references. A genuine sense of playfulness abounds, especially in several cute flash fiction pieces about the effects of different lunar events on Kitty’s lycanthropy. Though the uninitiated won’t want to start with this, the insights into Kitty’s supporting cast and illumination of previously unseen moments from the series will delight longtime readers. For those devoted fans, this will be a delicious final taste of Kitty’s complicated life. (Oct.)