cover image Brothers of the Wild North Sea

Brothers of the Wild North Sea

Harper Fox. Samhain, $6.50 e-book (346p) ISBN 978-1-61921-480-4

Fox (Scrap Metal) sets this gripping, epic tale of love against the backdrop of ancient Britannia. When Viking raiders target the monastery at Fara, Caius, a fledgling Christian monk, must not only defend his home but reconcile his faith with his love for one of the Vikings—all while struggling toward a destiny he isn’t certain he wants. Already a grown man, Caius must come of age again, enlightened by science and religion after the superstition and warrior training of his youth. Vivid battlefield descriptions punctuate an erotic romance that couples with stark questions of the soul. While the romantic passion between Caius and Fenrir grows and flows organically, it doesn’t dominate the plot. Spirituality and faith are presented thoughtfully in a sensually beautiful recounting of love in a time of austerity and danger. (June)