cover image The Science of Science Fiction

The Science of Science Fiction

Matthew Brenden Wood, illus. by Tom Casteel. Nomad (IPG, dist.), $17.95 trade paper (128p) ISBN 978-1-61930-470-3

In this intriguing addition to the Inquire and Investigate series, Wood explores the science behind cloning, time travel, and other science fiction staples. A nifty timeline contrasting real-world developments with their pop culture predecessors (such as smartwatches and Dick Tracy) sets the stage for discussions of robotics, genetics, astronomy, and the theory of relativity. Comics, sidebars, and experiments offer a variety of approaches to the topics (such as using a microwave and chocolate bar to calculate the speed of light), and QR codes provide links to supplemental online resources. It’s an engrossing look at how science and fiction converge and diverge. Ages 12–15. (Feb.)