cover image Open Earth

Open Earth

Sarah Mirk, Eva Cabrera, and Claudia Aguirre. Limerence, $19.99 trade paper (120p) ISBN 978-1-62010-501-6

This erotic sci-fi graphic novel chronicles one day on the space station California, a floating community that has had no contact with the home planet since Earth’s complete political and ecological collapse. Rigo is unbothered by Earth’s fate. As part of the first generation born in space, she disdains her parents’ nostalgia and old-fashioned morals. Rigo and her peers enjoy open, queer, polyamorous relationships, which align with the station’s motto, “Honesty keeps us alive.” In between her work shifts, Rigo makes time for her three primary sexual partners: civic-minded Hex, nonbinary engineer Franklin, and the serious but romantic scientist Carver. Their easy equilibrium is disturbed when a spot opens up in Carver’s living quarters and Franklin and Rigo both want to move in. Rigo must find a way to balance her desire for a deeper relationship with Carver against the harmony and happiness of the crew as a whole. The California is no cold, sterile vessel; its citizens wear bright colors, tend small plants, and decorate their spaces with garlands and lamps. The characters are lovingly drawn, especially Spanish-speaking Rigo, whose confidence and pleasure in her own curvy body are refreshing. For comics fans who dream optimistically about the future, the diverse cast and sex-positive, cooperative storyline combine into a utopian vision. (Sept.)