cover image A Quick and Easy Guide to Consent

A Quick and Easy Guide to Consent

Isabella Rotman. Limerence, $7.99 trade paper (80p) ISBN 978-1-62010-794-2

Rotman (Wait, What?: A Comic Book Guide to Relationships, Bodies, and Growing Up) delivers a slim but cogent comics guide for readers curious about what exactly makes up “affirmative consent.” Sergeant Yes Means Yes acts as the narrative cruise conductor, helping several example couples navigate consenting to sexual activity. The cheery Sergeant uses slideshows to explain such issues as how impaired judgment due to drugs and alcohol affect one’s capability to give consent, age of consent laws, considerations around sending nude photographs, and more. Heterosexual couples are evenly mixed with queer couples represented in an upbeat cartoony art style. The Sergeant talks to a gay couple about the intersection of kink and consent, and to multiple people of different races on disclosing STI status. A helpful nine-page list of terms and communication prompts, including a “yes, no, maybe so” list, which can be filled out by the reader, are also included. The message lands as especially relevant for younger adults or older teens who are just beginning to date, but this could provide a refresher course, too, for anyone who is struggling with communication in relationships. Along with the other titles in the Quick and Easy series, Rotman’s upbeat primer would fit well on college sex-ed syllabi and in school libraries or guidance counselor’s offices. (Oct.)