cover image The Transformational Power of Dreaming: Discovering the Wishes of the Soul

The Transformational Power of Dreaming: Discovering the Wishes of the Soul

Stephen Larsen and Tom Verner. Inner Traditions, $19.95 trade paper (360p) ISBN 978-1-62055-514-9

Diverse yet cohesive, this encyclopedic work invites readers to explore the “partnership we are in with the deeper more autonomous parts of our being” through an understanding of dreams. Larsen, professor emeritus of psychology at SUNY Ulster, and Verner—former professor of psychology at Burlington College, practicing psychotherapist, and professional magician—aim to inspire by exploring the cultural history of working with dreams: “the most eloquent and creative voices of our soul.” The traditions of ancient Greece and India are considered alongside Jung’s archetypes, Cayce’s intuition, and Kelsey’s spirituality. The authors also show how mythic visions brought to the West by the works of Hildegard, Dante, and Einstein complement insights of modern neuroscience. Dream narratives from the authors themselves, their friends and clients, and from historical notables are considered. Explicit delineation of Larsen’s psychological sections from Verner’s more spiritual and mythopoetic sections emphasizes the importance of considering dreams through multiple lenses and keeping an open mind. Discussions of methods like dream journaling and dream incubation are included to provide practical advice for “developing and nourishing a relationship with the soul.” More than a facile New Age how-to, this book provides context and history about working with dreams that will appeal to readers who want to engage the sleepy side of the mind. (Aug.)

The title of this book was changed after PW's review was published. This review has been updated to reflect the new title.