cover image Whatever Arises, Love That: A Love Revolution that Begins with You

Whatever Arises, Love That: A Love Revolution that Begins with You

Matt Kahn. Sounds True, $19.95 (250p) ISBN 978-1-62203-530-4

In his debut Kahn, a popular YouTube teacher, endorses a “heart-centered revolution” based on openness to experience, reconnection with one’s inner child, and waking up out of ego. Starting in childhood, Kahn had many mystical experiences with spirit guides and now believes himself to be a spiritual conduit. The message he presents transcends religious differences, and although the New Age notions and vocabulary – reincarnation, “vibrational codependency,” and “transmission of healing energy” – may grate for some readers, there are numerous useful concepts here. For instance, echoing the medical community’s concern over inflammation, Kahn speaks metaphorically about personality inflammation. Whether skeptical, victimized, entitled, or needy, an overinflated personality asserts its own importance by casting others as wrong. Another helpful distinction is between “the parentlike mind and the childlike heart.” By cultivating the latter, one can view experiences as opportunities for choosing growth over hurt. First-person plural might be more appropriate than the pervasive second-person address. However, Kahn frequently suggests healing mantras that help reinforce his ideas. As the title phrase suggests, we can make peace with whatever comes in life by deciding to love it. (Jan.)