cover image Fallen Virtue

Fallen Virtue

RJ Benson. Atbosh, , $21.99 ISBN 978-1-62613-098-2

Benson’s steamy debut paranormal thriller offers a unique interpretation of angelic lore. Damaceous, an angel detective, is sent to investigate increased demonic activity in Cincinnati. His search leads him to Infernal Avarice, a nightclub co-owned by greed demon Culzahr and the gorgeous, mysterious Zane, who is also the front man for the house band. When attackers jump Damaceous behind the club, Zane discovers his badly beaten body and takes the angel home to provide first aid, leading to a shocking revelation about Zane’s true nature. As Zane gets caught up in Damaceous’s investigation, the pair fall in love and uncover a demonic plot to devastate both Heaven and Hell. Zane’s friendship with his demon bandmates, Victor and Garrett, leads to an unlikely allegiance between angels and demons, as the threat posed by Culzahr escalates and angelic bureaucracy hinders Damaceous from acting. Intimate scenes between Zane and Damaceous are as sweet as they are sexy, and a series of impressive plot twists leads to a thrilling battle and bittersweet conclusion. Benson’s well-crafted story and dynamic relationships make for a promising series opener. (Jan.)