cover image Coils


Barbara Ann Wright. Bold Strokes, $16.95 trade paper (288p) ISBN 978-1-62639-598-5

Inserting modernity where tradition should hold prominence, Wright attempts and fails to construct a romance that appeals to both classics-lovers and fans of queer fiction. Mythological figure Medusa and bookish heroine Cressida embark on the underwhelming journey of saving Cressida's Aunt June from an influential Greek goddess in the Underworld. Almost immediately (and predictably), sparks fly between the leads; conflict arises as Medusa's plans to save her sisters from disappearance require her to fabricate lies to force Cressida to carry out Medusa's goal. The plot holds a glaze of promise, but it falls short due to the lack of personality and character development within the cast. The dialogue loses most of its substance during the building of sexual tension between Medusa and Cressida, all leading up to a disappointing release. Wright does introduce some amusing plot twists, but they are still easily anticipated. (Sept.)