cover image Sword and Star

Sword and Star

Sunny Moraine. Riptide, $19.99 trade paper (415p) ISBN 978-1-62649-303-2

In this triumphant conclusion to the Root Code trilogy, Moraine (Fall and Rising) brings all the threads of their romantic space opera together, with various factions preparing for an epic confrontation in the heart of the Terran Protectorate. Newlyweds Adam Yuga and Lochlan D'Bideshi want to heal the people of the Protectorate, who are slowly succumbing to a genetic breakdown; for this, they're branded as outcasts and anathema. Their ragtag rebel fleet is on the run and suffering from a series of inexplicable losses. They must root out a traitor and find new allies in order to have a chance of winning the inevitable war. Meanwhile, ambitious Isaac Sinder has found his own terrifyingly powerful partner and is launching a plan to destroy his enemies and seize control for himself. Moraine crafts a drama built on emotion and mysticism as much as action and adventure, leading to a conflict that plays on all levels. After a substantial buildup, the resolution is almost anticlimactic, with many character stories left open-ended and much of the universe still to be explored. (May)