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Amy Lane. Riptide, $19.99 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-1-62649-385-8

Unerring eroticism and raw emotion are the hallmarks of Lane’s contribution to the Bluewater Bay contemporary setting, a collaboration among several authors. This erotic romance, set in a small, fictional Washington State town, brings up all the humor and angst of a new relationship and wraps it around a broken hero and his knight in slightly tarnished armor. Connor Montgomery is a closeted Hollywood action star who’s spent the past year in mourning after his lover’s death in a car accident. A new acting project has pulled him from despair and dropped him straight into a picturesque town filled with people who truly care about others—in other words, the complete antithesis of Hollywood. One of those people is Noah, whose confidence and charm help Connor begin to put the pieces of his life back together. The only things hampering their relationship are the closet door and the ghosts of lovers past. The novel’s highs and lows resonate with a stark clarity and realism, particularly the descriptions of paparazzi ruthlessness. The sharp ache of loss underscores the journeys of both Noah and Connor, adding yet another layer to a story that’s as multifaceted as it is sexy. (Apr.)