cover image Demon, Vol. 1

Demon, Vol. 1

Jason Shiga. First Second, $19.99 ISBN 978-1-62672-452-5

Suicidal Jimmy Yee’s multiple attempts at killing himself result in a Groundhog Day–like resetting of where he began, but with bodies piling up with each try. To say any more would spoil intriguing revelation after revelation, as Jimmy begins to sort out what’s happening and comes to a startling conclusion—one that solves the mystery but adds a new layer of horror. What can be said is that Shiga (Meanwhile) has woven a tight and tense narrative that keeps readers intrigued and guessing along with Yee, as he endures the mind-bending ramifications of his situation. Shiga’s art style is a perfect accent to the story, largely due to its resemblance to clip art and the aesthetic of Sesame Street. The rounded, cartoony cuteness adds a perfect icing of incongruity to Shiga’s rich cake of twisted tension. As with Shiga’s other books, there are puzzles aplenty to solve, with an added layer of urgent narrative drive. Originally serialized as a webcomic, the story will prove just as addictive for readers finding it in print. (Oct.)