cover image The Big Book of Orgasms, Vol. 2

The Big Book of Orgasms, Vol. 2

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Cleis, $20.95 trade paper (404p) ISBN 978-1-62778-314-9

Bussel compiles 69 bite-size stories ideal for a quick, sensual break. Myriad settings—including alien planets, bathrooms, and sex parties—genres, kinks, and sexualities offer a little something for every erotica lover. Standouts include Natasha Moore’s “A Perfect Match,” about a husband who likes to watch his wife with her lover; “Phantom Pains,” Leandra Vane’s paranormal tale of a woman visited by a dominant ghost; “First Day” by Katrina Jackson, about a young woman’s new job as a very personal assistant to a married couple; Roxanna Cross’s “The Velvet,” which follows a neglected divorcée’s trip to a sex club; Bussel’s own “Dirty Pictures,” about a long-married couple who still sext; and “Keyword Search” by Shayna York, which sees a 50-something divorcée discovering a new kink while browsing the internet. Bussel’s expert editing and masterful eye for mixing genres always makes for sexy reading, and her latest anthology is no exception. It’s a red-hot erotic treat. (Feb.)