cover image Trucks to the Rescue!

Trucks to the Rescue!

William Low. Holt, $7.99 (22p) ISBN 978-1-62779-575-3

Low demonstrates how five powerful trucks save the day in a richly illustrated board book with a cause-and-effect cadence. In alternating spreads, Low presents a problem (“A pipe is broken—flooded street”) then reveals the truck that can fix it (“Vacuum truck to the rescue!”) in lines that all but demand to be shouted. The thickly painted scenes lavish attention on the mechanical details of the trucks, as well as on the workers who are just as integral to getting the job done: high up in a bucket truck, an electrical worker in a hard hat and sunglasses repairs a broken traffic light, and a pair of firefighters prep their truck’s ladder for a classic kitten-in-a-tree scenario. Ages 2–6. (Aug.)