cover image Mustaches for Maddie

Mustaches for Maddie

Chad Morris and Shelly Brown. Shadow Mountain, $16.99 (256p) ISBN 978-1-62972-330-3

“Everything is funnier with a mustache” is 12-year-old Maddie’s motto, and she has fake press-on ones for every occasion, including imaginative stories and games she makes up on the spot. Maddie’s offbeat sense of humor is the heart of this story from spouses Morris and Brown, which was inspired by their own daughter. Maddie is trying to make inroads with cool classmate Cassie, who handpicks the girls she hangs out with during recess and tells them which parts to try out for in an upcoming performance of scenes from Shakespeare. Maddie secretly auditions for Juliet (the role Cassie wants) and is overjoyed when she gets it, but her life takes a turn when her family learns that she has a brain tumor. Maddie learns to stand up for herself and face her fears head-on in this moving story of courage and heart. Morris and Brown balance the gravity of Maddie’s illness with her buoyant imagination as she navigates the reality of the surgery she needs and the politics of sixth grade. Ages 8–11. [em](Oct.) [/em]