cover image Daisies and Devotion

Daisies and Devotion

Josi S. Kilpack. Shadow Mountain, $15.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-62972-552-9

Kilpack’s mirthful second Mayfield Family Regency (after Promises and Primroses) is a lighthearted look at proper manners and repeated misunderstandings. There is courtship confusion when Mr. Timothy Mayfield and Miss Maryann Morrington, though good friends, decide that they are not right for one another as suitors. During one of their candid discussions about suitors for Maryann, the two declare that their relationship will remain platonic—a decision that is later bolstered by misinterpretations. Timothy and Maryann are likable and sympathetic characters. Their natural dialogue and the descriptive narrative highlights their unique relationship as Maryann sheds 19th-century values to share her honest opinions, and takes part in an unladylike race with Timothy. He, too, proves himself to be unconventional, wishing to marry for love rather than status. Protocol and posturing are skillfully revealed as both protagonists seek marital matches for themselves at gatherings filled with societal gossip and judgment. There’s further humor tempered with heartache as Timothy and Maryann start searching for spouses for each other, despite their growing mutual attraction. This amusing adventure in misunderstandings will delight readers who appreciate rich settings and strong characters. (May)