cover image This Book Is Made of Clouds

This Book Is Made of Clouds

Misha Maynerick Blaise. Muddy Boots, $15.95 (36p) ISBN 978-1-63076-388-6

Blaise showcases the interconnectivity of life in this richly illustrated narrative, employing the refrain, “everything is connected to everything else.” Bold typography announces six equally bold claims throughout, beginning with “This Book Is Made of Clouds.” Each statement is followed by a spread or two featuring a brief explanation (rain from clouds feeds the trees that become paper), paired with poetic embellishment (“Forests are hidden inside of this book/ and a cloud floats through every page./ Everything is connected to everything else”) and naïf-style art. In this manner, Blaise explains how the reader breathes the seas (through phytoplankton’s oxygen production), eats the sun (through photosynthesis), and more. The hyperbolic relationships Blaise sketches between natural elements and the audience aren’t always fully clear (“The sun shines inside of you,/ and plants thread through/ your hair”), but detailed, vibrantly colored illustrations and a message of global connectedness will capture readers’ attention. Back matter showcases five activities, including a meditation and a mandala. Ages 4–10. [em](May) [/em]