cover image Surprise the World

Surprise the World

Michael Frost. NavPress, $4.99 (144p) ISBN 978-1-63146-516-1

Frost, a discipleship expert and the founding pastor of Small Boat Big Sea (a missional community of Christians in Sydney), offers a guide for those who want to evangelize but don’t know how to start. He introduces what he calls the BELLS model, which describes five habits that Christians should adopt to prepare for evangelizing the gospel: bless, eat, listen, learn, and sent. In chapters dedicated to each habit in the BELLS model, Frost encourages Christians to bless others around them, regardless of religious affiliation; to eat together to facilitate the sharing of both food and ideas; to listen for the Holy Spirit for direction when engaging with people; and to realize that they are sent by God to teach wherever they go. Frost’s manner is gentle and kindly, but he holds the reader accountable for using the book’s guidance to truly become missional in everyday life. To that end, he includes “The BELLS Challenge DNA Accountability Form” in the back of the book for readers to use as a journal. Also included are additional chapters such as “Questions for Discussion and Engage- ment” and “Resources for Learning Jesus.” Preparing oneself for Christian missional living and evangelization can be stressful, but Frost makes it more natural, more compassionate, and more fulfilling in this easy-to-read guide. (Jan.)