cover image Daisy Woodworm Changes the World

Daisy Woodworm Changes the World

Melissa Hart. Jolly Fish, $14.99 paper (288p) ISBN 978-1-63163-637-0

When her teacher assigns her class a project on how they would “change the world for the better,” insect-loving Daisy Woodward, 13, is stumped about what to do. She’s already dreading the oral presentation, knowing that her bully, who mocks her lisp and calls her “Woodworm,” will heckle her. Meanwhile, her fashion-loving 17-year-old brother Sorrel, who has Down syndrome and goes by Squirrel, has been listless following a breakup and the cancellation of the local Special Olympics Summer Games. Resolving to cheer him up and seeing this endeavor as the perfect subject for her project, Daisy turns Squirrel into a fashion YouTuber. But the duo must keep it secret from their parents, who have banned Squirrel from using social media to protect him from online trolls, and further complications arise when Squirrel befriends Daisy’s popular classmate, Miguel, who is trying to save the Special Olympics games. Hart (Avenging the Owl) highlights the importance of disability representation and self-advocacy with thoughtful realism, and explores Daisy and Squirrel’s sibling bond with nuance. An author’s note detailing Hart’s inspiration concludes. Cover art portrays Daisy with brown skin; Miguel is Latinx-cued. Ages 8–12. Agent: Jennifer Unter, Unter Agency. (Nov.)