cover image Intersect, Vol. 1: Metamorph

Intersect, Vol. 1: Metamorph

Ray Fawkes. Image, $14.99 trade paper (128p) ISBN 978-1-63215-279-4

After creating the award-nominated graphic novels One Soul and The People Inside and writing superhero comics for DC and Marvel, Fawkes kicks off a new series of stand-alone graphic novels. Ali and Jason are two lovers stuck in the same body, battling for consciousness in a Detroit that's dealing with a huge and upsetting transformation to its entire population. Another character, the Kid, has a murkier backstory, emerging somehow from the body of a sick man. The two-in-one lovers flee with the Kid to attempt to figure out what is happening to their bodies and the world at large. The plot is innovative and ambitious; the story is extremely disorienting. Copious swearing and vague pronouncements rarely make it clear what is happening and why, or even, sometimes, who is speaking or narrating the story. The watercolor art supplies a bleeding, melted quality perfectly supporting both the amorphous nature of the story and the transformations going on within the plot. This interesting idea suffers from a flawed execution. (June)