cover image Head Lopper, Vol 1: The Island or a Plague of Beasts

Head Lopper, Vol 1: The Island or a Plague of Beasts

Andrew MacLean. Image, $19.99 trade paper (280p) ISBN 978-1-63215-886-4

In this fantasy comic, Norgal the Head Lopper hasn’t even made it to shore on the Island of Barra when he has his first encounter with its Plague of Beasts. A colossal purple sea serpent attacks his ship and swallows him whole. Undeterred, Norgal cuts his way out, beheading the creature from inside. This sets the tone for a tale filled with delightful over-the-top bloodshed and humorous quips provided by Norgal’s traveling companion, the long severed head of Agatha the Blue Witch. MacLean’s (ApocalyptiGirl) drawings make dramatic use of scale. At times Norgal’s broad chest and majestic beard fill a third of the page while in other scenes he looks like a flea chopping at monsters of overwhelming size. The book’s weakness is a plot which hinges on three significant flashback scenes which are not well-delineated. But the strength of the action sequences and dynamic page layouts make it a worthwhile read overall. (Nov.)