cover image Gods of Nabban

Gods of Nabban

K.V. Johansen. Pyr, $17 trade paper (576p) ISBN 978-1-63388-203-4

With this superlative follow-up to her Marakand series, set in a intriguing fantasy world, Johansen (The Lady) continues the story of erstwhile assassin and king Ahjvar and his traveling companion, the former slave Ghu, in rich, nuanced, and often poetic prose. Dying gods are calling to Ghu from his distant native land of Nabban, so he and Ahjvar brave the deprivation and dangers of the wilds to travel east from the kingdom of Praitan. War grips Nabban as a princess declares herself empress and daughter of the old great gods, while a prince revolts in the north and a group of queens called the Wild Girls lead their own army in the southern jungles. As Ghu and Ahjvar near Nabban, they are joined by Yeh-Lin Dotemon, an ageless devil-bonded wizard and former empress of Nabban, who comes to make amends for her past by pledging her service to the duo. Dreams and portents flow through these pages and unseen powers play their own games. While Ahjvar and Ghu stand at the foreground of the canvas, Johansen fills the scene with a myriad of finely drawn characters and breathtaking landscapes. Johansen’s latest is not to be missed. (Sept.)