cover image Not Since You

Not Since You

Fiona Riley. Bold Strokes, $16.95 trade paper (264p) ISBN 978-1-63555-474-8

Riley (Media Darling) strikes an impressive balance between steamy sex scenes and sweeping romance in this tender second-chance-at-love story. After Charlotte Southwick catches her fiancée cheating and calls off the wedding, she goes on their luxurious, prepaid honeymoon cruise alone. Her VIP package includes a personal attendant, and she’s shocked to find that the crew member assigned to her is her high school sweetheart, Lexi Bronson. Almost a decade ago, Charlotte broke Lexi’s heart by choosing to leave for college in Spain, where less well-off Lexi could never follow. Lexi has been working on cruise ships ever since. Though Lexi wants to stay angry at Charlotte, seeing her again brings up old feelings. Unfortunately for their rekindled attraction, the ship has strict rules; if they’re caught so much as kissing, Lexi will be fired from the job she loves. Riley endearingly captures the growth of Charlotte and Lexi’s relationship from when they were in high school to when they are reunited as adults. Readers will root for this well-matched couple. (Nov.)