cover image Bake: My Best Ever Recipes for the Classics

Bake: My Best Ever Recipes for the Classics

Paul Hollywood. Bloomsbury, $40 (304p) ISBN 978-1-63557-929-1

In this nostalgic paean to his baking career, Great British Baking Show judge Hollywood (A Baker’s Life) offers up a delectable jaunt through his favorite classic British and American bakes. While the book is loaded with easy-to-follow recipes for a raft of familiar treats, Hollywood’s “real passion,” bread baking, is where his collection shines. In addition to British standards like soft white barm cakes and bin lids (rolls who get their name from a resemblance to the tops of trash cans), Hollywood also delivers recipes for raised loaves and flatbreads from around the world, including a light and fragrant orange brioche, and a sesame seed-topped Greek lagana, an homage to the years Hollywood spent in Cyprus. Pizza and doughnut recipes abound, including, notably, a prosciutto and mushroom pizza, and decadent chocolate-filled doughnuts drizzled with, yes, more chocolate (“If you’re trying to lose some weight,” Hollywood advises, “look away now!”). American classics get a nod in such offerings as a key lime pie and Baked Alaska, while British desserts are given their rightful due via, among other mouthwatering recipes, a date- and toffee-enriched sticky toffee pudding. Equally pleasing are the step-by-step photos provided alongside Hollywood’s no-nonsense advice: “Just read the recipe all the way through beforehand and you’ll be absolutely fine.” Fans will eat this up. (July)