cover image Imagine! Rhymes of Hope to Shout Together

Imagine! Rhymes of Hope to Shout Together

Bruno Tognolini, trans. from the Italian by Denise Muir, illus. by Giulia Orecch

In sometimes rhyming quatrains that each begin “If only...” and end with “Imagine!” Tognolini channels the wishes of children. Some desires hint at real-life circumstances (“If only Google could show me a map/ Of where to find work for my darling dad”), while others read as more fanciful (“If only me and my animal friends/ Could do a jaguar roar, join a singing bird band”). Orecchia draws a gaggle of children with various skin tones, while stylized elements form whimsical collages—an airplane carrying gold-filled coffers, a machine that turns tanks and nuclear cooling towers into flowers and birds—in a book whose subject matter pivots rapidly between the serious and the buoyant. Ages 5–8. (Mar.)