cover image Terriers in the Jungle

Terriers in the Jungle

Georja Umano. Atmosphere, $17.99 trade paper (210p) ISBN 978-1-63988-106-2

Umano tells her gentle and funny debut from the point of view of two spunky terriers, Romeo and Roxie. Widowed naturalist and writer Kate moves from Santa Monica to Nairobi, Kenya, with her father, Horace, and her two little dogs on a grand adventure to help save the African elephants. Taking turns narrating, Romeo, an injured rescue who finds it difficult to trust people, and Roxie, his energetic and cheerful girlfriend, describe their long plane ride to Africa and their new home where they confront chattering monkeys, scare away toothy crocodiles, and finally meet the majestic and humongous elephants. The dogs help Kate wrangle baby elephants, play with the girls at the home for unwed young mothers where Kate works, and marvel at how an elephant saves their lives. The new location and activities build Romeo’s confidence, changing him from a hopeless lame shelter dog into a brave partner in Kate’s noble endeavors. “Fate brings us together, and our bonds will never be broken!” declares Romeo. Young and old readers alike will take a fancy to Umano’s heartwarming travelogue filled with childlike whimsy and playful illustrations. (Self-published)