cover image Diamond and the Eye: A Peter Diamond Investigation

Diamond and the Eye: A Peter Diamond Investigation

Peter Lovesey. Soho Crime, $27.95 (336p) ISBN 978-1-64129-312-9

At the start of MWA Grandmaster Lovesey’s entertaining, often amusing 20th Peter Diamond investigation (after 2020’s The Finisher), the Bath, England, detective superintendent is annoyed to be accosted at a pub by private eye Johnny Getz (his business card reads: Getz results), who needs Diamond’s help. Getz has been hired by Ruby Hubbard to find her antique dealer father, who went missing after a recent break-in at his shop. Since the shop is now a crime scene, Ruby needs police permission to enter the premises and see what was taken. Diamond reluctantly joins forces with Getz, and the mismatched duo soon stumble on a corpse in a mummy case, the first of several bodies. Meanwhile, Ruby is shot in the head and slips into a coma. Chapters narrated by Getz, full of 1940s American slang (“I’m a take-whatever-comes-and-sock-it-back-to-them kind of guy”) and put-downs of Diamond (“Everything about him screamed idle bastard”), enliven what he calls the “snaggy saga” as the action builds to a Poirot-like solution to the “wandering father job.” Though this is a slighter entry in the Diamond canon, fans won’t be disappointed. Agent: Jane Gelfman, ICM/Gelfman Schneider Literary. (Oct.)