cover image Discover Her Art: Women Artists and Their Masterpieces

Discover Her Art: Women Artists and Their Masterpieces

Jean Leibowitz and Lisa LaBanca Rogers. Chicago Review, $19.99 paper (208p) ISBN 978-1-64160-614-1

Focusing on 24 women painters of varying backgrounds who created art between the 16th and 20th centuries (including Lavinia Fontana, Mary Cassatt, Yuki Ogura, and Alma Woodsey Thomas), Leibowitz and LaBanca Rogers divide this meticulous volume into two sections: “Classical Painting and Other Realistic Styles” and “Modern Painting.” Each chapter is preceded by a full-color image of the featured artist’s masterwork, before concise sections offer biography and analysis, including an introduction to the painting, art terms, and comments about technique. Straightforward prose contains myriad questions for readers to consider: “While flowers are a common subject of paintings, Ruysch made them unexpectedly dramatic. Where does most of the drama come from? Is it composition, color, or light?” An inclusive, easy-to-read guidebook to women artists. Front matter features an introduction explaining art vocabulary; back matter includes activities, an appendix with a value scale and color wheel, notes, and an index. Ages 8–12. (Feb.)