cover image You Really Got Me Now (Pixies of the Sixties #1)

You Really Got Me Now (Pixies of the Sixties #1)

Gihef et al., trans. from the French by Marc Bourbon-Crook. Humanoids, $22 trade paper (112p) ISBN 978-1-64337-583-0

This duo of vibrantly drawn stories situated in a far-out version of the 1960s features fairies who, after centuries of observing humans from woods and fields, get pulled by the lights and music into swinging London. The first piece, written by Gihef (Sirens of the Norse Sea) with musician Christian Lachenal and drawn by Alberto Zanon (The Green Girls), follows a rock-loving sprite named Anann who hitchhikes to London, declaring, “You have to admit that humans know how to party!” There, she faces anti-fae prejudice and a pair of hippie-hating serial killers, but also discovers love with a kindly human. In the second entry, written by Jul Maroh (Blue Is the Warmest Color) and drawn by Guilio Macaione (Alice: From Dream to Dream), Ailith, a reporter with a grudge against the magic realm, investigates a missing persons case connected to the fairy realm but falls for an androgynous fairy named Sidhe along the way. Despite the cheerful artwork and flower-power whimsy, this new series doesn’t shy away from darker themes, from violence and prejudice to black-market dealers in wing dust. Fans of urban fantasy will groove along. (Mar.)