cover image Bridge of Gold

Bridge of Gold

Kimberley Woodhouse. Barbour, $12.99 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-1-64352-957-8

Woodhouse’s enjoyable latest mystery (after The Express Bride) centers on the discovery of a shipwreck under the Golden Gate Bridge. In the present, Steven Michaels is doing restoration work on the bridge when he finds gold nuggets in the water and discovers a sunken ship. Underwater researcher Kayla Richardson is called in to excavate the ship, which she believes to be the Lucky Martha, a gold rush–era ship that sunk along with all its riches. But as the excavation continues, she and Steven discover a skeleton wrapped in heavy chains. Jump back to 1933, when Luke Moreau is looking to build a life in San Francisco and takes a job working on the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. Luke also finds a gold nugget and gets glimpse of a sunken ship—information that might cost him his life at the hands of a group of gold hunters. As Kayla and Steven dig up records and uncover the group who believe the gold is rightfully theirs (and might still be looking for it), death threats come in and could potentially derail the research. They both rely on their faith and growing affection to overcome the turmoil and discover the truth. Fans of inspirational time swaps will love this. (June)