cover image Heal Your Ancestral Roots: Release the Family Patterns That Hold You Back

Heal Your Ancestral Roots: Release the Family Patterns That Hold You Back

Anuradha Dayal-Gulati. Findhorn, $18.99 trade paper (272p) ISBN 978-1-644-11774-3

In this compassionate entry, personal development coach Dayal-Gulati (Global Corporate Citizenship) charts a path for readers to heal from ancestral trauma. While those who find themselves emotionally stuck tend to resort to external fixes—changing jobs, ending relationships—it’s often necessary, the author writes, to address deep internal forces, such as harmful “ancestral energy patterns,” that recur across generations as a result of damage to the “family energy field.” To achieve healing, she suggests “family constellation therapy,” in which practicers process deep-rooted ancestral pain by, for example, rewriting their “parental stories” in order to release unaddressed suffering: the observation “I have felt unloved,” can morph into a more healing insight, such as “I know my mother was too depressed to express her love to me.” Tackling transgenerational pain can also include meditating on shame-causing family secrets and learning to emotionally let go of negative energy. Dayal-Gulati also recommends ingesting specific flower essences: honeysuckle can help release limiting memories, while wild rose treats apathy. This entry takes a nuanced approach to addressing family suffering, and readers will find her advice actionable and cathartic. Dayal-Gulati’s wisdom will easily attract the spiritually inclined. (Mar.)