The Easy Diabetes Cookbook: Simple, Delicious Recipes to Help You Balance Your Blood Sugars

Mary Ellen Phipps. Page Street, $21.99 (152p) ISBN 978-1-64567-176-3

Dietician and Milk & Honey Nutrition blogger Phipps, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a child, delivers a solid collection of uncomplicated diabetes-friendly recipes. Each is accompanied by a thorough nutritional rundown: a smoothie bowl with berries, cauliflower, and yogurt is gluten-free, low sodium, and high in fiber, while banana protein pancakes have no added sugar. Phipps’s blood sugar-minded adjustments to classic dishes are fairly easy to pull off: spinach quiche rests in a crust of cooked quinoa, and the cutlets for chicken Parmesan are dredged in almond flour rather than bread crumbs. Shortcuts abound for time-crunched cooks, with an artichoke and olive pizza that uses a store-bought whole-grain crust, and a high protein chocolate-cherry breakfast smoothie that can be made in less than a minute. Desserts are the Mount Everest of the diabetes world, and Phipps makes it an easy summit with a low-sugar cheesecake in a nut crust. Home cooks who need to take blood sugar balance into account and can’t spend all day futzing in the kitchen will find plenty of reliable recipes. (Jan.)